The Best Pickles For BBQ- The Best Of Every Kind

Barbecue and pickles are a quintessential combination; one complements the other, and every dish remains incomplete unless stacked with a side dish of pickles. But what are the best pickles for BBQ that are flavorful yet crunchy? 

Pickles are that tangy cleanser of any food palette, which ideally cuts the smoky or fatty flavor of the barbecue. Whether you are stacking them on a sandwich, or serving them with a smoky steak meal, pickles enhance the delicacy of every food item. 

Therefore, in this article, we bring you the best pickles for BBQ, the best of every kind for you to choose from, from fresh pickles to pickles precisely hand-picked for garlic lovers. We have it all covered for you! So, let’s delve right away into the best pickles for BBQ!

What are the Best Pickles For BBQ

If you are tailgating, barbecuing, or picnicking, you must know of the best pickles for BBQ, the best of every kind, whether it’s sour or salty, so that your favorite foods like Cuban sandwiches, chicken burgers, and Chicago hot dogs do not remain deprived of their appetizing savor.


Specifically, to accommodate the readers, we have, after thorough research and multiple taste tests only shortlisted pickles for you from the most reliable and trustworthy consumer brands. 

Our recommendations contain the four kinds of best pickles for BBQ: fresh pickles, pickles of the most complex flavor, crunchiest pickles, and pickles for garlic lovers. 

These are generally the four broad categories into which eaters classify pickles, so we have fixated our focus on determining the best pickles for BBQ in every kind so that a varied and a representative consumer population can be accommodated. 

Grillo’s Pickles

 Grillo's Pickles Classic Dill Pickle Spears

Let’s say you are too lazy to make homemade pickles but still crave the freshness of natural pickles. In that case, Grillo’s has your back with their canned pickles. 

You normally have to sift through the condiment aisle of your local grocery store to purchase pickles. Unlike most brands, you would have to look in the deli and fresh section to buy Grillo’s pickles because this is where you will find your much-desired fresh pickles. 

Contrary to other pickles, the most distinct feature of Grillo’s pickles is that they, even after being packaged and processed, can retain the taste of refreshing cucumber. These cucumbers are layered with the fresh taste of dill, and trust us when we say that this is the most dill flavor you will ever encounter in pickles. 

Additionally, the overall flavor of the pickles is balanced flawlessly with an adequate taste of vinegar, sour, and salt, which are further lauded with a satisfying crunchy bite. However, you must remember that Grillo’s pickles do not have a longer shelf life than conventional canned pickles, but rest assured, not even a single spear of this pickle will ever go to waste. 

Boar’s Head Kosher Dill Pickles

the best oar's Head, Kosher Dill Pickles

Suppose you are a pickle aficionado and appreciate a complex and lively flavor of pickles, which is simply more than just vinegar and dill. In that case, you will surely be enjoying Boar’s Head Kosher Dill Pickles. 

These jars of pickles are packed with generously sized and delectable pickles and include garlic, carrots, peppercorns, mustard seeds, a range of spices, and dill springs. Even though you primarily wanted to buy a plain jar of pickles, who does not like pickled carrots to relish? 

The flavor is not the only aspect we love about Boar’s Head Kosher Dill Pickles, but they are also very crunchy when chewed because of their cold pack pickling process. Again, if you want to easily spot Boar’s pickles, immediately look for them in the refrigerated section of a supermarket. 

Milwaukee’s Kosher Dill Pickles

 Milwaukee's Kosher Dill Pickles

The crunchiest of the crunchiest is Milwaukee’s Kosher Dill Pickles. Nothing beats the satisfaction attained through munching on a crunchy, cool spear of a pickle. After testing several of the well-recognized allegedly “crunchy” pickles, the only ones we thought were the best for BBQ are Milwaukee’s Kosher Dill Pickles, the absolute crunchiest and the crispiest. 

Every spear of pickle in this jar is bountiful in size, but it is not huge enough that you could not finish one, but after finishing one, you would be craving for another green mellow crunchy pickle.  Each bite of Milwaukee’s pickle is a distinct snap, and they have a nice subtle balance of pleasant dill, vinegar, and other pickling spices.

So, if you are going out on a picnic, then Milwaukee’s Kosher Dill Pickles are the perfect pickles to go for. You can imagine sitting on a summer breezy picnic and cracking open a jar of these pickles to devour their taste with your turkey sandwiches or macaroni salad. 

Mt.Olive Kosher Dill Spears

the best  Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Spears, Made with Sea Salt

For all the garlic lovers out there, we understand how garlic is a must-have for you in your pickle recipes. After all, dill pickles should always and very prominently taste dill. Mt. Olive’s Kosher Dill Spears green, bright pickles will serve you a major, tasty garlic flavor. 

Although garlic is the primary defining seasoning in Mt. Olive’s pickle jar, you will also be getting very sharp hints of dill and mustard. Spears of the pickle generally lie on the large size of the pickle. These giant pickles are usually seen at the deli cut, sliced into four wedges.

Nevertheless, do not confuse the size of the pickles with a lack of crunch because crunch is experienced from the outside of every cucumber slice in the pickle jar. 

How To Find The Best Pickles

Now, something to clarify before we further elaborate on how to find the best pickles for BBQ is that everyone’s taste for pickles is distinct. You would prefer a crunchy jar of pickles while others would want pickles that would have a lively and complex flavor.

the best Dill Spears

Therefore, the definition of “best” pickles will be subjective and vary per every individual. 

There are a lot of pickles out there that you can choose from, such as spears, slices, dill, chips, bread, sour, and butter, but the most famous one, and the one highly preferred by eaters, is the dill pickles. 

Dill is so popular that we confidently bet you might have them stocked in your fridge right now! Regardless, to pick out the best pickles for BBQ, there is a criterion that you should always keep in mind. The criteria are not so stringent, nor is it compulsory to be followed, but we still recommend you do so. 


Again, the taste might differ for you, but when choosing pickles, people want a jar of dill pickles with a good taste of vinegar, cucumber, dill, and other spices. If you are someone who likes an additive of vegetables alongside their pickles, then look for a jar that not only has pickles but also sliced vegetables like carrots.

Alternatively, garlic lovers also appreciate an evident tinge of garlic flavoring in their pickles. 


Another factor you must consider when finding the best pickles for BBQ is how appetizing the pickles in a jar look. Appearance of pickles should be analyzed before you purchase them. If the pickles look gray, dull, or unnatural in color, then do not buy them; do not risk your sacred taste of pickles by tasting something very distasteful.

best pickles appearance

While scrutinizing pickles’ appearance, take a quick glance at their shelf life because aside from a jar of fresh pickles, other canned pickles should have a lasting shelf life. Without a lasting shelf life, pickles are bound to expire or in another scenario not retain their flavorful taste. 


Crunch of pickles is yet another very personal consideration that depends on how you want your pickles to snap in your mouth. A majority wants crunchy and crispy pickles, but if your liking differs, you can opt for less crunchy or more soggy vinegar or dill-dipped pickles.


Our article has summoned the best of the best pickles for BBQ, the best for every kind for all our pickle enthusiasts. 

All the pickle brands we have recommended to you are highly reliable and are entrusted by consumers, who choose them repeatedly because of the distinct taste offered and how sufficiently their pickle needs are catered to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pickles go best with BBQ?

Dill pickles are the best for any fatty, oily beef that constitutes a BBQ. Their inclusion in the BBQ will instantly spice up the taste, and each spear will provide a specific crunch.

Why eat pickles with BBQ?

The taste of pickles complements the smoky and rich flavors of the BBQ meat. Pickles are originally acidic and tangy in their taste, so when paired with BBQ, they form a delicious and contrasting flavor on the taste buds.

Dill pickles are the most popular pickle. They are brined cucumbers submerged heavily with dill. For brisket, the best pickles are those that offer a contrast in flavor and texture to the rich and tender meat.