Freezer Paper Vs Butcher Paper- Are They Both One And The Same?

It is not necessarily that “all paper is paper.” Though freezer and butcher paper in the service industry may be used for similar purposes (which is the food service industry), this does not make them one and the same. The question always remains to be freezer paper Vs. Butcher paper and it is essential for an individual or an operating business to choose the most suitable paper.

The importance of freezer paper and butcher paper cannot be doubted. Both are integral papers needed in the industry to assist the staff in preparing and serving food efficiently and enhancing a restaurant’s image. 

Therefore, it is crucial that the differences between freezer paper and butcher paper are known so that they can be utilized per their relevance and in the most accurate manner. So, this article will detail how the two paper kinds differ and the purposes they can be used for. 

Freezer Paper Vs. Butcher Paper

The names of these papers implicate the distinguishing factor between freezer paper and butcher paper. Freezer paper has a polyethylene coating on a single side of its sheet to provide additional strength to paper when it is used to freeze an item and is subsequently exposed to moisture, protecting the food against the threat of a recurring freezer burn. 

Often, a butcher is an ideal alternative to freezer paper for most non-freezer applications.  Although butcher paper is used for wrapping, it is most commonly demanded in the restaurant industry, and the utility excels beyond that of wrapping meat. 

Typically, freezer paper is costly compared to butcher paper because the latter does not have polyethylene coat. Freezer paper must always be used to store food in the freezer, and if food is wrapped in non-freezer paper, then as a protective measure, first wrap the food in plastic and then in the non-freezer paper.

Freezer Paper

If you are searching for a paper to be a fantastic tool to keep your vegetables, food, and fruits safe and fresh in the freezer, then the optimum choice that you have is freezer paper. With a plain paper coating on one side and a plastic coating on the other, freezer paper is precisely manufactured to keep the food fresh while it is stored. 

width of freezer paper

An advantageous initiative that has been taken with the design of a freezer paper has been to add a polyethylene coating on the plastic paper side, which assists in locking in all of the moisture, avoiding a freezer burn. This, therefore, can be of extreme help, especially if you want to preserve the quality of your frozen food. 

Any time you use freezer paper, remember to always wrap the food items on the side of the paper with its plastic coating on the inside. This is because the polyethylene layering will act as a protective barrier, preventing the food from coming into contact with any moisture and falling victim to a freezer burn. 

Freezer paper is an effective storage tool that you can use, and they are more efficient than your conventional freezer bags, which offer the same level of protection to your foods against moisture content.  

Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is a heavy-duty and versatile paper commonly used in the hospitality industry for food wrapping. Usually, the paper is composed of kraft pulp, making the texture grainy and coarse, thus making it a useful resource for tasks in the kitchen and beyond. 

what is butcher paper

You will frequently encounter butcher paper, which wraps meat, in the kitchen or at your local butcher shop. Since the paper is durable and strong in construction, it securely holds food items, protecting them against moisture and air.

Additionally, the butcher paper does not let meat items dry out, keeping them fresh as the coarse texture retains some moisture and offers breathability. Besides, many people find butcher paper a suitable medium for their creative arts and crafts projects, such as painting, drawing, and stenciling. 

The grainy texture makes the surface area of the butcher paper fantastic for passionate individuals to exhibit their artistic side, resulting in the outcome attaining a distinct look. Likewise, the advertising industry uses butcher paper to create informative and eye-catching promotional materials and menu displays. 

Main Differences 

  • Freeze Paper’s side is coated with wax or polyethylene that phenomenally holds juices and preserves all food items.
  • Freezer papers are sturdier, whereas butcher papers are thicker.
  • Freezer paper is expensive and comes in a small roll that closely resembles a wax paper roll. On the other hand, butcher paper is inexpensive and can be bought in a large enough roll to last a user several months.
  • While butcher papers are heat resistant, freeze papers are not and cannot be used around a grill or a smoker.
  • Butcher paper cannot be used for freezing items because it cannot retain the meat’s juice and is still an alternative to freezer paper for non-freezing food items. 
  • Freezer paper more closely relates to parchment and wax paper.

Considering Factors

Until now, we have provided a general overview of the characteristics of freezer paper vs. butcher paper, which may confuse some people. Hence, let’s get more specific and shed light on the certain factors you must consider when shopping for paper. 


First and foremost, you must be aware of the purpose you want to fulfill through shopping for a specific paper type. Are you looking only to wrap meat or store it later?

You should shop for butcher paper to wrap any fresh food item, perhaps meat. However, if the intention is alternative and you are looking to wrap meat to store it for an extended period in the freezer, then for the meat to remain fresh, it should be stored away in a freezer paper. 

Paper Quality 

The next factor to be considered is the quality of the paper. Butcher paper has a porous nature, which allows air circulation when meat is wrapped in it, proving advantageous for a few cooking methods, such as smoking. 

On the contrary, because it has a wax coating, freezer paper inhibits and restricts airflow, which may not be suitable for smoking. Instead, it would be beneficial when it comes to storing food in a freezer. 

Paper Thickness 

Compared to the papers available in the market, both papers are relatively thick. Nevertheless, when freezer paper and butcher paper are compared, butcher paper acquires more thickness. 

The thickening quality of the paper makes it resistant to natural punctures and, as a result, a prime choice for meat wrapping and other food items that are either to be handled in transit or have to be transported. 


Freezer paper has a wax coating on one side, whereas butcher paper has no native coating. This coating is extremely demanded by the food items that must be stored as the polyethylene ensures that the food is still fresh after being preserved. 

use of freezer paper

Benefits to use butcher paper

The cost of butcher paper is relatively low compared to freezer paper, which also comes in various widths. you get butcher paper in long rolls, allowing you to cut specific sheet sizes according to your needs or the size of the meat. The use of butcher paper on juicier and greasier foods should be avoided. These substances can soak through the paper, potentially causing leaks or messes. Therefore, for juicier and greasier foods, materials that use on paper like wax paper, parchment, or aluminum foil might be more suitable as they offer better resistance to moisture and grease.

It is the best choice and should work perfectly with dry foods or items with minimal moisture such as sandwiches, brisket, and ribs.

Benefits to use Freezer paper

Compared to plastic bags or wraps, freezer paper is a more environmentally friendly choice. By individually wrapping food items, you can prevent cross-contamination between different types of foods in your freezer.

This paper provides moisture and vapor barber due to its poly coating which makes it perfect for grease and liquid containing. You can cut freezer paper to any size, making it ideal for wrapping various portions of food. By providing a tight seal around the food, freezer paper helps maintain its original flavor and texture. This is particularly important for meats, fish and more recipes.

Which Paper Should Be Used In Smoking?

The paper that should be used in grilling and smoking meat is butcher paper. Both pink and white butcher paper are widely used by smokers worldwide because they elevate the barbecuing experience and are advantageous. 

For example, butcher paper is used to wrap meat after it has been seasoned and marinated. Butcher paper is FDA-approved for direct food contact as both pink and white paper are uncoated.

butcher vs freezer paper

The only difference between the two paper types is their appearance. While pink butcher paper is unbleached and has a more rustic appearance, white butcher paper has a clean look and is bleached. 

Another use of butcher paper is placing meat in a butcher paper for smoking, not aluminum foil. The paper will grant the meat with breathability, which is otherwise constricted by foil, and will ensure that the meat is not over-steamed or has lost its moisture, making it tender and juicy. 

Likewise, the desired bark’s flavor and texture will be maintained; consequently, you will have delectable smoked meat on your table.

Wrap it Up

Freezer paper Vs. Butcher paper is not one and the same. The only potential similarity they have is that they belong to the broader category of a paper, but apart from this, the two paper kinds greatly differ in every other aspect. 

Hence, whenever you buy a paper, be aware of the purpose for which they are needed and then make your purchase accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can freezer paper be used as butcher paper?

No freezer paper can be used as a butcher paper as it has a wax-coated lining, which restricts the airflow needed for the breathability of the wrapped meat.