We are a family owned and operated. We got our start cooking BBQ for our love of having large get togethers. It started on fathers day 2001 on my first fathers day.


We wanted to have a large get together of friends and family. That day we learned a few things, we love to cook great BBQ and people loved our BBQ. We kept having our annual Fathers day for several years then one day in September a good friend called and asked if we would like to compete in a bbq competition.

We said “Sure, when is it?”  To our surprise, it was the next day!! So we loaded up and went to Elberfeld’s American Legion Post 351 2nd Annual BBQ competition.

We didn’t have a clue what we were supposed to do, or what we were cooking, so we brought our small electric smoker and our huge, rusted out smoker.

We cooked one slab of ribs and one boston butt. We ended up WINNING!!! We have been hooked on competitions ever since.

It has been a dream of ours to have our very own BBQ restraunt, and we are pleased to anounce that we have opened our first location at 416 E Morton St in Oakland city In.!!!


John Goodall

Founder & Owner - John’s Smokin' BBQ


John Goodall is the spirited pitmaster and founder of John’s Smokin' BBQ, where the tradition of Southern barbecue meets the heart of innovation. With over a decade of experience in slow-cooking and smoking meats to perfection, John’s culinary journey has transformed his passion for backyard barbecues into a thriving business that caters to the community and online enthusiasts alike.

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Mistie Cook ( Owner/BOSS WIFE )


She curates the content for johnssmokinbbq.com with the same care and precision that John applies to his brisket, making sure that each post, update, and shared recipe maintains the brand’s standard of quality and community feel.

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Lexuss Ellerbrook ( Designer & Editor )


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Kohl Goff ( The Heavy lifter )


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Austin McGill ( Guest relations )

Cody Goodall ( Head cashier )

Novalee Goodall ( Quality Control )