Weber Master Touch Vs. Premium- : Which Grill is Better?

If you are out in the market purchasing a charcoal grill, you will come across many similar units that look the same, have the same specifications, and are offered at a similar price—the case with Weber Master Touch Vs. Premium is no exception, and the debate over which grill is better than another has been ongoing in the grilling community for decades. 

In 1952, Weber invented and launched the world’s first kettle-shaped charcoal grills. Ever since, the company has effortlessly dominated and led the industry, providing all its customers with innovation coupled with high-tech performance. 

In today’s detailed review guide, we will be rounding up Weber Master Touch Vs. Premium comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between the two modern charcoal-fired grills.  

Weber Master Touch Vs. Premium

Weber Master Touch

The Weber Master Touch is a 22-inch kettle-shaped charcoal grill whose build has been kept classic through user-friendly and generous dimensions. The ventilation system has also been designed to control and circulate heat evenly and efficiently throughout the grill.The grill features a thermometer integrated into the lid, showing the internal temperature. When accompanied by the outstanding ash management system, the Master Touch grill is appropriately distinguished and stands distinct from a traditional charcoal-fired unit.

original weber grill


  • Multipurpose and versatile: can be used for smoking or grilling 
  • Ash management system is excellent 
  • Added convenience through an additional warming rack 
  • Quick assembly 


  • Cleaning of grates is tricky 
  • Inconvenient shipping 

Weber Premium

Contrary to the design of Master Touch, Weber Premium has a rather basic design, which makes the grill’s operation simple and appealing to first-time users. Besides the kettle grill, other valuable accessories, such as a hinged cooking grates and hooks, come along. Also, the Premium grill includes an ash management system with a high-capacity ash catcher to assist the griller in cleaning up, making the task easy, and ensuring it goes smoothly for users. 


  • Budget Friendly 
  • High-quality construction
  • Ideal for beginners 
  • Portable and lightweight 


  • No ideal for low heat and slow cooking 
  • The entire grill is not well-designed; only some parts are


Weber Master Touch and its other Premium have been adequately equipped with aluminum-constructed dampers, which are easy to maneuver because they are rust-resistant. In either case, getting a hang of the grill’s ventilation system is not that difficult; however, beginners require some practice before they can flawlessly operate it. 

burning coal on weber grill

Although both models feature ingeniously manufactured blades for closing and opening the grill’s base as demanded, this specificity is more user-friendly in Weber Premium. 

Master Touch grill allows grillers to alter temperatures even when the grill is extremely hot through the plastic handle on the top vent. Thus, the unit does an admirable job when it comes to controlling and maintaining low smoking temperatures, giving Master Touch the top prize for its exceptional ventilation system. 


Considering the two grills are the same size, the price difference is noticeable as the Weber Master Touch is significantly more expensive than the Weber Premium. Nevertheless, when looking at kettle grills in the market and then Weber Master Touch and Premium, Weber grills expect an individual to spend more than they would have on a standard 22-inch kettle. 

Agreeably, with the higher price of the Master Touch come some beneficial features. Still, if you have budget constraints, the Weber Premium grill is the way to go for you out of the two. 

Heat Retention 

Again, both models have lids and bowls composed of porcelain enamel and successfully retain heat for extended periods . This construction of the grill enhances its durability, with the product lasting you for years.

But, when it comes to long-term cooking applications, the Master Touch grill needs to be commended as it slowly cooks beef brisket and pulled pork to perfection by maintaining a low temperature and sufficient heat which is similar with traeger Smoker

Cooking Surface 

At first glance, and per the measurements, the diameters of both the grills are the same- 22 inches. However, this is not it for the cooking surface as Weber Master Touch has a spacious 363 square inches space to fit 15 hamburgers. But with it comes the option of fitting another secondary warming rack to enhance and amplify the cooking area by 80 inches. 

cooking area

This additional space can be used as a storage place to set ingredients or to warm side dishes and breads; that is for you to decide. Like many other instances, Weber Master Touch here, too, is taking the lead, but remember that the warming rack is not always necessary to be included, and if used, it would only add to you spending more time cleaning the grill and it’s grates which is a deal breaker for some users. 

Therefore, this aspect of Master Touch compels buyers into favoring Premium as an alternative popular choice. 

Grilling Grates 

The cooking grates on the two grills are manufactured of plated stainless steel, a suitable material that is keen on conducting heat, resulting in the food item attaining impressive grill marks.

However, to preserve the cooking grates to last longer, prompt attention must be given to their cleaning, which must be performed right after cooking to prevent rusting

What distinguishes Master Touch’s cooking grates from Premium is that if the separately sold cooking grate is purchased, it adds another level of versatility to the grill as this grate is compatible with multiple inserts. Understandably, you will have to spend a bit extra, but the advantageous perks are worth it!

ash system on weber touch

Ash Management System 

If you look closer beneath the fireboxes of any of the two grills, you will notice a silver cylindrical device,an ash bin. This system is not only here for show but has been incorporated into the grills to hold residue and ashes in the compartments and to give them a tidy look. 

These removable ash catchers make cleansing the grill a doable and straightforward task. To dump ashes, you can retrieve the compartment anytime without using brushes or shovels. 

All along, we have been advocating for the Weber Master Touch grill due to its unique features, especially the grill’s ability to slow cook, but the ash management system is a characteristic that is homogenous in both the grills; hence, we declare a tie.

Comparative Analysis: Lid Design and Functionality

In a recent gathering, I had the opportunity to engage in a unique grilling experience. The event was a showcase of high-end charcoal and wood cookers, including a 22-inch Weber Original Kettle, which offered a remarkable grilling experience.

ribs on weber touch

While using the standard kettle, I noticed it features an internal hook designed for hanging the lid on the grill’s side. However, in practice, the lid hook proves to be less effective, often leading people to place the lid on the ground instead.

In contrast, the Original Master Touch is equipped with a Tuck-Away lid holder. This innovative feature allows for smooth sliding of the lid to the side of the grill. I found the Tuck-Away lid holder to be exceptionally functional and a significant improvement over the standard kettle’s lid hook, enhancing the overall grilling experience.

Final Verdict 

Our final verdict favors the Weber Master Touch grill due to its evident and prominent differences from the Weber Premium. Master Touch is a better version with more facilities and features for a griller, such as the additional warming rack.

Additionally, the grill is Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) compatible, permitting you to unlock another convenience and versatility level whereby after paying an extra $90, you can stir-fries, cook pizza, or slow-cook any beef brisket or pulled pork. 

Moreover, the Master Touch will allow you to test and try out many different and new cooking techniques with the assistance of a multi-level grill. So, if you are a BBQ enthusiast and regularly grill, there is no better option than the Master Touch grill. 

On the other hand, the Weber Premium is a much more basic grill, but the benefit of this grill is that it is not costly, and to purchase it, you will not have to break the bank. Likewise, it is a beginner-friendly option whereby you can practice learning to get your way around any grill through a simple operation. Once you are on the road of grilling, you can upgrade to a much-advanced grill like the Master Touch. 

Most of the features in the two grills are alike; hence, for first-timers, Weber Premium is ideal as the cooking space is massive, the ventilation system is well-designed, the ash management system is present, and the demanded heat retention is provided. Rest assured, at this initial grilling stage, you are not expected to use the extra warming rack, so it is also unnecessary.

Wrapping it up

Despite seemingly being the same Weber Master Touch Vs. Premium are not the same, and differences exist within them. The differences are subtle and cannot be deciphered until and unless a more profound look is taken to explore and analyze the grill, just like we have done in today’s detailed review guide.

In conclusion, out of the two grills, Weber Master Touch stands to be the winner, but it is only recommended to professional grillers. In contrast, for beginners, we advocate you purchase Weber Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Weber Master Touch and Premium differ?

The differences are in the offered cooking space, heat retention, and affordability; Weber Master has more space, better heat retention, and is pricier. These differences make the Master Touch more suitable for those seeking versatility and added convenience, while the Premium is ideal for straightforward, efficient grilling.

Is Master Touch Premium worth it?

Yes, Master Touch is worth spending every additional penny as it makes grilling a seamless and effortless task and you can use the grill as a griller and a smoker. Considering some of the note-worthy features that Master Touch Premium has, it is a fantastic barbecue kettle-shaped charcoal grill. It’s well-suited for those who are passionate about grilling and appreciate the convenience and versatility of advanced features.