Rec Tec RT 590 Vs. Traeger Pro 575- Comparative Review Guide!

Pellet grills are a fundamental tool needed for either smoking or grilling, but deciding on the most suitable grill type is a challenging task that every consumer must withstand. When it comes to choosing the perfect pellet grill for your backyard barbecue, the debate often comes down to two popular models: the Rec Tec RT 590 and the Traeger Pro 575. Both are great experiences in their own right, offering unique features and performance that cater to different preferences.Therefore, this article brings a comparative review guide of two of the best grills- Rec Tec RT 590 Vs. Traeger Pro 575.

We will be delving into detail to fully explore and analyze specific vital features of a grill that make it worth purchasing. We will consider the design or the build quality, operation and controls, temperature performance, and cooking area side by side for Rec Tec RT 590 Vs. Traeger Pro 575. 

Therefore, this comparative review guide aims to provide all readers with more clarity when deciding between two pellet grills. 

Rec Tec RT 590 Vs. Traeger Pro 575

Rec Tec RT 590

Rec Tec RT 590 is also known as the Deck Boss 590 and is a perfect pellet grill option for a mid-sized family. The grill has an unbeatable wood-fired flavor, and this edition features some of the most advanced upgrades, such as directly controlling the grill from afar simply by using the Recteq App. 

Additionally, the food temperature is monitored through the convenience of two meat probes, internal and external, that can hold temperatures beginning from 180 degrees and ranging to a maximum of 700 degrees. Thus, you can achieve an ideal temperature to tackle any recipe in your recipe book.

The grill is constructed of steel and is built like a tank with improvements such as an additional leg design to aid in furthering stability. The latest controls let the user easily start the grill through a button, and the wi-fi connectivity coupled with PID Smart Grill Technology allows all users to attain superior smoking results. 

Deck Boss 590 is more than a conventional smoker and can be used to sear, bake, grill, smoke, dehydrate, and so on!

Traeger Pro 575

Traeger Pro 575 is a grill that has simplified the task of smoking and made it even more straightforward for smokers to have incredible wood-fired flavor. This has been made possible by incorporating a set-it and forget-it technology, which provides precise and accurate temperature control so users can smoke unforgettable meals.

The grill has some of the most exceptional features, such as that the controller is quick and uncomplicated in operation, the grill is accompanied by a locking caster and all-terrain wheels for portability, WiFire technology, turbo temperature control with dual meat probes, and a hopper cleaner that has made deep cleansing of the grill an effortless job. 

The significant difference lies in the pellet hopper capacity; the Rec Tec RT-590 boasts a larger space, holding up to 30 pounds of pellets, whereas the Traeger Pro 575 has an 18-pound capacity.


Design Or Build Quality 

Rec Tec RT 590 

Regarding the design or the build quality, Rec Tec RT 590 stands to be unmatched because the materials used for its construction are of exquisite quality. The grill is solid and stocky and probably features the most angular build among the other pellet grills you are likely to encounter in the market. 

Considering the overall appearance, it is all shiny stainless steel paired with a matte black color. The first glance at the grill’s barrel or the handles will make the stainless steel’s hefty coating noticeable. Even though the lid has been coated with powder black steel, the two flawlessly complement each other. 

If handled properly and cared for for rusting, the pellet grill is bound to last you for years. This is because Rec Tec RT 590 is resistant to high heat levels and is made to be durable for fats, acidic smoke, and oil.

It features a stylish design with micro-polished bull horn handles and weighs around 150 pounds. Its dimensions are not too big or small, making it a substantial presence in any outdoor setting.

Traeger Pro 575 

Traeger’s Pro also boasts a sturdy build, with alloy steel construction and a sleek black finish.The Pro 575 is more advanced in layout, design, and construction materials quality than the previous Traeger grill models. The design is pleasant yet straightforward, meaning the overall appearance of the grill is akin to a classic grill, which essentially makes the Pro 575 fairly attractive to buyers. 

Upon opening the lid, you will discover grill gates of two sizes. The smaller one will rest at the larger one at the far bottom. Another good news for you is that this grill model is taller and wider than the previous models the company has manufactured. 

A distinct feature of the product is how it has been assisted with two wheels on the rear legs so that a user can move around the grill without difficulty. Every component on the grill has been structurally made using high-quality materials built to last. The fasteners, the stiffening plates, the grill’s legs, hinges, and grates are all made of heavy-duty stainless steel so as not to compromise on its durability. 


Operation and Controls 

Rec Tec RT 590 (More Features)

Rec Tec’s grill has a smart grill technology controller, a true PID controller. It is responsible for monitoring the rate of the fans and the pellet feed, ensuring that they are constantly in sync so that the desired temperature is easily maintained.

With the PID controller, there is a guarantee for no wild swings in temperature to occur as the technology compensates for cold or hot ambient conditions, keeping a balanced and set temperature making it versatile for various cooking methods like grilling, baking, and searing.

The LCD on the grill can be visible in direct sunlight, and since the panel is backlit, you can also view the temperature in the dark. Temperature selection on the RT 590 has to be done through a rotary dial. In contrast, the LCD demonstrates both the actual temperature and the set point alongside the temperature of the probes. 

Through the wifi app, an individual can adjust and set the temperature to turn the grill on and off, and the best part is that you consistently receive notifications concerning the grill’s temperature. 

Traeger Pro 575 (Easy to control)

Due to the Traeger Pro 575’s modern features, it is moderately easy to control the grills. Per your convenience, you can opt for either of the two options- manual or through the app. The grill’s control panel is intuitive and requires no technical knowledge. There are only two buttons; one is for the ignite function, and the other is for the display, along with a dial via which you set the grill’s temperature in a 5-degree increment.  

Additionally, the panel is an informational companion to all grill users as it sends reminders, reminding the smoker to clean the grease trap. 

Temperature Performance (Winner – Rec Tec)

Rec Tec RT 590 (Slow & High Heat)

The highest temperature RT 590 can reach is 700 degrees, a high benchmark for this grill. Though most grills cannot report accurate and error-free temperatures, RT 590 will provide precise temperature ratings with a margin of error of 10 degrees. The RT 590 can maintain consistent temperatures, an essential for slow-cooked meats.

However, the actual temperature will typically lie within 5 degrees of the smoker’s reading temperature. The grill will not produce smoke at low flames or temperatures as the smoke usually produced at such temperatures is acrid and impacts the food’s flavor. 

Meanwhile, at higher temperatures, the produced smoke will be clean and wispy white to smoke food properly. 

Traeger Pro 575 (Quickly Heat Up)

Contrary to other grills, the Pro 575 ignites and heats quickly. Only in fifteen minutes will the grill be hot and ready to smoke any food. The heating method used is conventional, which means that at first, only a few wood pellets will be ignited in the firepot, and then the heat from these pellets will be released into other chambers of the grill. 

The maximum heating temperature that the Pro 575 can acquire is 450 degrees, and the heat distribution is fairly consistent in all parts, left to right and top to bottom. 

cooking space of rec-tec-vs-traeger

Cooking Area (Winner – Rec Tec)

Rec Tec RT 590 

The cooking levels for RT 590 have been split into two halves, divided between two stainless steel grates. This model offers a generous 590 sq. Inch. cooking space compared with traeger offers 575 square inches. So, the difference between 575 and 590 square inches is not too much. 

The grates of RT-590 have differing measurements and surface areas but can offer a massive cooking space.

The space can accommodate at least eighteen standard burgers and two normal-sized turkeys. Therefore, it can be deduced that RT 590 is an ideal pellet grill for a small to medium-sized family. 

Traeger Pro 575

As we have already mentioned, the Pro 575 in its cooking chamber has two grates: one is a large one located at the bottom, and the other is a small one located at the top of the large one. 

The accumulated cooking area of the Pro 575 is 575 square inches. Although this area is neither spacious nor massive, if you have a small family, such as a family of four members, this grill size is well-suited for you. it provides a slightly smaller cooking area of 575 sq. in. but compensates with its 6-in-1 versatility. It features WiFIRE technology for easy remote control. The grill also has a D2 drivetrain for faster heating and quality smoke output.

Price (Winner-Traeger )

The Rec Tec RT-590 is offered at a price of $899. This price point reflects the grill’s robust build quality, advanced technological features, and the larger pellet hopper capacity.

In comparison, the Traeger Pro 575 is available at a slightly lower price of $799. This model, being $100 less expensive than the RT-590, presents a more budget-friendly option while still offering a range of desirable features.

Pellet Hopper and Efficiency (Winner-RT 590)

Both grills come equipped with a pellet hopper, a key component that determines how long you can cook without refilling.

The Rec Tec RT-590 sets a high standard with its large pellet hopper, capable of holding up to 30 pounds of pellets. Traeger Pro 575 comes with an 18-pound capacity hopper. While smaller than the RT-590’s, it’s efficiently designed to make the most out of the pellets, ensuring a consistent and even burn.

pellet hopper rec-tec-vs-traeger

The RT 590 offers a larger hopper capacity, translating to longer cooking times, perfect for extended smoking sessions. Traeger’s Pro 575, while having a smaller hopper, is highly efficient in pellet usage, ensuring you get the most out of your pellets.

The Rec Tec RT 590 stands out with its sizable pellet hopper. This generous capacity means you can confidently smoke meats for extended periods without worrying about running out of pellets.

Traeger’s other models, like the Ironwood series and timberline grills, not only offer varying capacities but also come with features like Hopper Cleanout. 

Warranty (Winner-RT 590)

Both companies offer great warranty to satisfy the customer. Rec Tec offer4 year warranty while Traeger Offer 3 year warranty for their models.

Rec Tec’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is prominently showcased in its generous four-year warranty on the RT 590. This extended warranty period is a testament to the confidence Rec Tec has in its products' durability and performance.

The three-year warranty on the Pro 575 model. This warranty period, while slightly shorter than that of Rec Tec, is still a solid indication of Traeger’s confidence in their grills' quality and reliability. The three-year warranty ensures that any faults arising from regular use are rectified without additional costs to the consumer, fostering a sense of trust and reliability in the brand.

Wrapping it up

Both Manufacturers do not have many differences besides that RT 590 has a massive cooking area and a higher maximum temperature range than the Pro 575. In conclusion, both grills are excellent in their features and easy to operate. Now, depending on your needs and wants, you can finalize the grill that would be the most suited for you.

If you prioritize innovative technology and a sleek, durable design, the RT 590 might be your pick. On the other hand, if you value a time-tested brand with a blend of traditional and modern features, the Traeger Pro 575 could be the perfect addition to your backyard.

No matter which you choose, both grills promise a delightful cooking experience, bringing the authentic taste of wood-fired barbecue to your home. Whether it’s a casual dinner or a large gathering, these grills are sure to impress. So, fire up the grill, and let the magic of pellet smoking elevate your outdoor cooking to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Traeger 575 big enough for a turkey?

Yes, the Traeger 575 has a big enough cooking area to smoke a turkey. The grill provides a cooking space of 575 square inches, which is typically sufficient to accommodate a full-sized turkey.

Does RT 590 have extreme smoke?

To have extreme smoke, you must turn the temperature dial down. This feature works by adjusting the pellet feed rate and fan speed to increase the amount of smoke produced within the cooking chamber.

How hot does Recteq 590 get?

The maximum temperature for recteq 590 is 700 degrees. This high-temperature range allows it to handle a wide variety of cooking styles, from slow smoking at low temperatures to searing steaks at high temperatures.