Weber Q1000 Vs. Q1200- Gas Grill Guidance

Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 are undoubtedly two of the finest portable gas grills the company produces, and consumers equally prefer both models. But if you are looking for some gas fuel sourse grill guidance before purchasing one, we are here to help you.

Today, we will be delving deeper into individually analyzing the many different characteristics of both grills, comparing and contrasting, and trying to decipher which is the best.

A commonality in Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200 is that both grills operate on gas which is propane and are conveniently portable, ensuring you can carry a grill while on the go. However, which grill out of the two best suits your needs the most appropriately? Let’s see!

Weber Q1200 Vs. Q1200

Before analyzing how the two grills are different, you need to be familiar with a basic overview of Weber Q1200 Vs. Q1200. Also, keep in mind that all the 100 models of Weber grills are now updated to 1000 For instance, if you cannot find Q1200 in the market, you can go ahead and purchase Q1200.

Rest assured, both grills come with the same features with slight changes; the only thing that will be different is the model’s name. 


Weber Q1000 

Essentially, the Weber Q1000 is a much more innovative update of the Q1000, and the company started introducing these updates late in 2014. The most prominent difference you will likely encounter in Q1000 compared to its previous design is that the current model is more aesthetically appealing. 

Otherwise, the main features remain the same, constructed from the same high-quality models as in the previous editions. Now, Q1000 comes with a stainless steel burner, and unlike a charcoal smoker, to fire up the grill, a simple ignition system has been introduced where you only have to push start a button.

Similarly, there are new and upgraded control settings with the body and lid manufactured of cast aluminum, making sure that it is easy for the user to carry the grill while the grill only weighs 27.5 pounds. The size makes it easier to use the gas grill for camping, RV trips, and tailgating, and it is also useful on a back porch or a patio. 

Weber Q1200

With Weber Q1200, you get a cooking surface area of 189 inches that is large enough to cook for two or three family people comfortably. Though some people might have higher expectations from the cooking area and may want to expand their cooking space, they can easily do so by using the 8,500 BTU stainless steel burner. 

The burner provides a massive cooking space and spreads the heat adequately across its surface. The composition of the grill is mostly cast aluminum to keep it lightweight, but cast-iron grates are porcelain-enamel and coated, and the frame has been made of glass material reinforced to be nylon. 

This grill, too, like most Weber grills, has an electronic ignition, which is very handy for getting the grill going from no flame to a fully sparkling grill through a single push. Additionally, the accompanying drip pan in the grill makes the cleaning task less messy and a bit easier. 

Power and Performance 

Power and performance are crucial factors that must be considered when buying a portable gas grill. Specifically, look at a grill’s BTU output, as it determines the heat intensity a grill can produce. 

Although there is a slight difference in the BTU of Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200, the latter has a higher BTU than the former, regardless the performance of both grills is the same. The difference in the BTU has a negligible impact on the cooking results. 

Temperatures are also consistently maintained without any discrepancies, and the burners can reach the highest temperature very quickly without making the grillers wait for long. 

Per your preference and on either grill, you can smoke and cook whatever food you like effortlessly as the two grills offer alternating between temperatures rather conveniently and can slow cook any meat.

Build Quality And Design 

Weber grills typically have a sturdy construction that has been primarily designed for them to be durable and last to the user so that they are worthy of the money spent on their purchase. 

Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200 shares a durable, solid, cast aluminum build that can flawlessly withstand harsh temperatures and the rigors of outdoor use. It does not matter whether the weather is stormy or sunny. These grills are here to endure and stand to be resistant to any potential threats of rusting. 

However, one difference between the two models that is noticeable is the available color options. While the Q1000 only comes in a classic black color, the Q1200 provides a wide range of options. Through this, you can buy a grill that perfectly blends in with your outdoor decor and is compatible with your style. 

Cooking Area

Weber Q1000 and Q1200 offer similar cooking areas to users. On either chosen grill, you can easily prepare food to feed a family but not prepare a feast. This means that if you are a small to medium-sized family, these grills are ideal options for you as they are neither too big nor too small.

Nevertheless, we advise you to check the specific dimensions of the cooking area before finalizing a grill so that you know if the grill can meet your cooking demands or not. 

Additional Features

One of the many spectacular features that the Weber Q1200 has is that of additional foldable side tables that do a great job at providing grillers with some extra workspace to hold condiments or to prepare food.

Another feature encountered in both models is the convenience of the built-in thermometer. The lid thermometer is keen and accurate at monitoring the internal temperature of any grill rather precisely without showing any such errors. 

Prominent Differences

Previously, we looked at some of the characteristics that are mutual to both the Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200, but now it is time to get more specific. Hence, we will look at the two prominent and key differences that Q1200 has. 

Grill Model Ignition Side tables Multiple Colors Lid Height Lid Thermometer
Q1000 Push Spark No No 14.5 inch No
Q1200 Electric Two Yes 15.5 Inch Yes
  1. Handy Side Tables

The Weber Q1000 does not come with side tables.The absence of side tables is often considered in the context of its primary use – a portable, space-saving grill ideal for small parties. If side tables are a priority, you might consider other models in the Weber Q series, like the Q120, which does come with fold-out side tables.

An upgrade that was first introduced in the Weber Q1200 was that of handy Grates side tables. These side tables are foldable and have tool hooks to place your tools whenever they are not in you. An additional or two side tables are always convenient around your cooking space because they provide more room to place your handy utensils. Considering the narrow cooking space that Q1200 has, these side tables are a valuable accessory to have with a gas grill. 

  1. Cooking Performance

The Q1000’s design and heat control make it suitable for a wide range of grilling tasks. it can handle cooking a variety of foods such as grilling steaks, chicken, sea food, and burgers, making it a good choice for different cooking styles. 

However, its compact size means it’s more suited for small to medium quantities of food. It’s important to preheat the grill for best results and use the lid for certain foods to ensure even cooking.

Weber Q1200 grills do a phenomenal job at cooking almost any recipe you have in mind. The 8500 BTU rating of the grill might not sound like a lot of heat. However, the case in reality differs, and if the grill has been properly pre-heated, it can even adequately cook a beef brisket or a steak. 

Nevertheless, remember that large whole birds or roasts like Turkeys will not fit under the gas grill’s lid, so do not experiment with it on Q1200. Since Q1200 is an original kettle grill, it is more appropriate for cooking burgers, steaks, and hotdogs, all those items that are “portable” food and can be cooked anywhere. 

Prominent Common Q1000 & Q1200 Have

As you are aware, these models have differences, but they also share some common features, indicative of the Weber grill series.

Having personally examined both models, I observed similarities such as heating capacity, grate size, and construction durability.

  • The design of both grills is made ideal for outdoor activities due to their portability.
  • Two pieces of grate are equipped with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron, which helps in heat distribution and enhances durability.
  • High-quality construction with a cast aluminum lid (Rust resistant) and body, ensuring longevity of the grills.
  • You need to buy liquid propane separately for each model, as it is not included with the purchase; also, confirm this with other users.

Misite Experience with the Q1000

Mistie, a young and enthusiastic food aficionado, received an invitation that sparked her curiosity. Her friend, known for his lavish lifestyle and fervent vegetarianism, was throwing a grand party. The highlight? A thousand-dollar outdoor kitchen, featuring the latest in his collection, which also includes the Weber Q1000 and Q1200 grills.

Mistie’s passion for grilling was more than just a hobby; it was a journey through flavors, techniques, and endless experiments. I arrived early at the party because my friend called me urgently for help in the backyard. Inspired by my father’s words, “Old is Gold,” I started with the Q1000, whose compact design was perfect for the first dish, Grilled Stuffed Bell Peppers (which took 1.5 hours to cook this delicious dish). As Mistie expertly maneuvered around the grill, the guests were captivated. The peppers, filled with a mix of quinoa, black beans, and spices, were grilled to perfection, their flavors enhanced by the Q1000’s even heat distribution. While using it, I felt it required a bit of maintenance, particularly its electronic ignition, which seemed to take more time. After the party, when I mentioned this to her, she said she would see what the problem was.

Her friends were amazed at how she maximized the compact space, delivering perfectly grilled, flavorful bites. The party was in full swing, with guests relishing each bite of Mistie’s creations. She explained how the Q1000 was her go-to for quick, small-scale grilling, while the Q1200 was perfect for slightly larger gatherings. The kettle, she noted, was her favorite for weekend projects, giving that unbeatable smoky flavor. And the gas grill was her choice for sophisticated, intricate recipes requiring precise heat control.

Despite its small size, the Q1000 doesn’t compromise on cooking performance. It heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature. The grill runs on disposable LP (Liquid Propane) cylinders, but an adapter can be used for larger tanks. Users find it fuel-efficient, particularly for quick grilling sessions.

The biggest complaint about the Weber Q1000 typically revolves around its lack of side tables. Unlike some of its counterparts, such as the Q1200, the Q1000 does not come with side tables. This can be inconvenient, as I often need extra space to place grilling tools, plates, or food waiting to be cooked.

Final Decision 

Out of the two- Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200, our final decision advocates for all our readers to purchase Q1200, and if they cannot find it online or in stores, go for the better alternative of Q1200. This grill is an outstanding portable gas grill with its compact size, not acquiring much storage space, a suitable cooking area to cook food for three to four people, and excellent heat performance. 

When the question narrows down to purchasing a portable gas grill, the first Weber-produced grill that should come into your mind must be the Q120, as there is nothing better than you can get at the price offered by this grill.

Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 are two of the best-composed grills by the company, but the one that is supreme and will agreeably cater to all your on-the-go demands is the Q1200. This grill has many appealing features and is worth the hefty investment because, due to the high-quality construction materials, Q1200 will last you for years, accompanying you on every trip you take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Weber grills so expensive?

Weber grills are priced comparatively higher than other grills in the market because the construction material is high-quality and, most importantly, durable. Also, the brand name is reliable.

Is Weber Q1000 big enough?

Weber Q1000 is not big enough because it needs to be transported. Regardless, the cooking space can easily cook food to feed a small to medium-sized family.

Is Weber Q120 heavy?

No, Weber Q120, since it is a portable gas grill, it is not heavy and is made of aluminum to keep the grill’s weight low.