Otto Grill Review- In-depth, Detailed, And Unbiased Overview

Otto’s original grill from Otto Wilde is a restaurant-grade, consumer-sized overhead grill, which is also commonly known as “salamander grill,” “sally,” “hotel grill,” or “finishing grill.” In the grills market, Otto Grill has the most renowned reputation, and today, in our overview, we will be providing you with an in-depth, detailed, and unbiased Otto Grill review. 

The grill can be set up to deliver a scorching heat up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and is primarily designed for finishing and cooking steak, but that does not mean its use is only confined to this purpose rather, the product is an all-rounder and serves multiple purposes.

If you have been a part of the restaurant industry, you might be aware of Otto’s original grill, but if you do not have the slightest clue, do not worry. We will inform and guide you more about the appliance. 

Otto Grill Review

The intense heat from above on the new grill lets you enjoy high-quality steaks, perfect for outdoor activities like camping or at home.

If you have been a part of the restaurant industry, then you might know what a sally is and what it is used for. But if you do not know of it and are clueless, then a sally is an appliance that reaches infernal temperatures right in front of you and from the comfort of your very well-ventilated kitchen or backyard. 

Otto’s original grill is one of the only grills that has earned an endorsement from Pat LaFrienda, a legendary meat man and the key meat provider to some of the finest steak houses and restaurants in the USA. 

a friend experience with otto grill

Precisely manufactured to cook steaks closer to the texture and taste of a steakhouse, Otto’s grill is a commendable mimic of the huge, top-mounted broilers of commercial kitchens. The propane self-container broiler is 16x17x11” and comes with two top fire burners mounted, each with a capacity to reach a temperature of 1500 degrees F.

In addition to the broiler comes a catch pan for grease, an adjustable grille, and a dual-use arm that can be used as a wrench to alter the distance between food and the burners or as a grille tool.

People are curious to read or learn more about Otto’s original grill because its price has been set above $ 1,000. Agreeably, it is a significant amount to pay to purchase a grill, but let’s see whether the grill and its multiple varying features make the appliance worth spending a fortune on.

Therefore, further in this article, our major focus will be on considering the multiple aspects of the grill to formulate an Otto grill review to assist our intrigued readers. 

Maintenance, Cleaning, and Setup 

Overhead broiler or grill, the old-age salamander has been named after the ancient folklore around lizards and dragons wielding fire, which is exactly what the grill does as well- makes the fish skin and steak so impossibly crust and crispy. 

Maintenance, Cleaning, and Setup otto grill

The maximum heat temperature of the appliance is set at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is safe for cooking at home and relative and, in comparison to other products, is also available at an affordable price.

Other iterations you might have in a sally or a consumer-scaled salamander market are either too expensive, ranging beyond an average budget and costing nearly $2000, or too small. However, Otto’s original grill is priced adequately and sized sufficiently to accommodate you satisfactorily. 


Upon purchasing, the grill would come more or less partially assembled, which is a benefit on your part because assembling an exceptionally luxurious large propane grill is no easy task. 

However, you might have to make a few fittings, such as finding the small brass adapter piece needed to attach the propane tank with the hose, which must be found when unboxing the package. 

Apart from this, no other fastenings are required. The top unit goes on the top, and the cast iron grate (also offered in stainless steel per your preference) slides above the top unit. When you are all set, three minutes before cooking your meat on the grill, pre-heat it, as this is enough time for the appliance to fire up to a temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Remember, 1500 degrees is a temperature that no part of the human body will be able to keep up with, so when using the grill around pets and kids, keep them away and take proper measures. 

satisfied or not

Maintenance and Cleaning

Out of all the aspects of the grill, what makes it even more convenient to use and clean up is that it comes with a drip tray. The drip tray not only makes cleaning up a cinch but also aids in keeping the food from drying out, similar to a smoker. Additionally, if the drip tray is needed, cool it down and put it in the dishwater as it is dishwater safe, or wash it manually. 

Grate Height 

The adjustable characteristic of the Otto grill is not only restricted to the temperature but extends to the grate height, which can be adjusted according to the needs through the cast iron, enamel-coated cooking grates.

Each grade is 12.5 x 10 inches and can be lowered or raised through the right-side removable lever. The “Meat-O-Meter” assists in lowering and raising the grate height irrespective of what is being cooked in the grill and has a numeric setting range from 1-5, defining positions beginning from high to ending at low, serving as reference points. 

The “Meat-O-Meter” is rather self-explanatory but very useful and can be used to easily alter grate height depending on the weight to be placed over the grate later. 


One crucial factor to consider in the Otto grill review is its operation. To determine whether the grill is easy to use and user-friendly regarding the grilling procedure. 

fish on otto grill

A delicate balance lies between preheating the grilling and the procedure following grilling. The preheating for the grill does not take long and, at a maximum, will require five minutes which is worth the wait.

The fundamental key for any grilling endeavor is not attempting to torch whatever is being grilled. This means setting the temperature per the cuts of meat or the differing food types. Not every meat cut must be cooked at a higher heat, and varying kinds of meats respond differently to heat and the proximity to the flames above. 

Nevertheless, Otto Grill saves the day yet another time by having infrared heat, which has a very low likelihood of a grease fire or out-of-control blaring flames arising. Most importantly, this appliance is a thrilling piece of equipment and gives the user a lot of room to explore and have fun by playing around. 

Grilling Results

I should mention that the Otto Grill can cook not just any steak, but also fish, chicken, and veggies. It’s ideal for hosting the best parties or gatherings where people can enjoy world-class steakhouse flavors.

Addressing the outcome that materializes out of the grilling procedure, the cooked steak is undeniably beautiful in appearance and delectable in taste. The grill can handle a lean filet cut, but the ideal cooking takes place with something with a higher fat content, which is more formidable, such as a tomahawk steak or a ribeye. 

fully cooked a jusicy steak on otto

Evidently, the fattier cuts are preferred and benefit more from the high-temperature cooking as they are pulverized to near perfection and even crust across the surface without yielding a crumbly and dry texted. Instead, the steak is always moist and crisp, evenly crispy, sealed, and has a golden crust. 

Additionally, since Otto’s grill has a top-firing burner, the meat does not seep outwards but instead downward, resulting in a super delicious exterior and a flawlessly sized rind every time. 


There is nothing that cannot be cooked on Otto’s cast iron pan and a grill. The appliance is an all-rounder and multipurpose, which will cook your pizza and steak. 

Anything placed in an Otto grill and at the right temperature is unlikely ever to fall apart or dry out; even vegetables and whole-fried fish will be cooked without a hassle and will pose no problems of being overcooked or burning. 

Even during the fishing season, Otto’s original grill, most people’s new favorite backyard toy, can be extremely useful to hone fish-frying and fish-grilling expertise. With the grill, you can always experiment with temperatures, manifesting how you want the cooking result to turn out. 

steak on otto grill

Try The Otto Grill

Before grilling, it’s crucial to remember that this is not an ordinary grill like gas or charcoal grills. There is a specific procedure I follow to achieve better results, which you should also adhere to.

Whenever you use it, Otto recommends checking the propane supply hose for leaks. Apply soapy water to the hose and look for bubbles. If you see any, disconnect and reconnect the propane hose. Remember, safety comes first. After that, fill the drip tray beneath the grill grate with 1/2 inch of water. This helps to prevent flare-ups. Then, use the Clever Lever to remove the grill grate and place the steaks on it. I turn both burners to full heat and allow just 2 minutes, which I think is sufficient time to reach full temperature. In just one minute, the water in the drip tray began to steam.

After two minutes, I placed the grill grate back into the otto grill and adjusted its position to the third level using the clever lever, everything is done carefully. After a while, the meat began to look shiny and started sizzling a lot. Within one and a half minutes, I was amazed to see that the steak was ready. I then lowered the grill grate to the lowest position and partially pulled it out using the clever lever to check if it needed more time. After confirming, I put it back and set it to level 3 for one more minute.

After that, I let the meat rest for just 3-4 minutes. Then, using a sharp knife, I cut it into small, bite-sized steaks. They were juicy, just as I always aim for, and I suggest you try this method too.


At over $999, the Otto Grill isn’t inexpensive, but it is the top choice if you’re seeking the finest steak in your area, be it a campsite or RV park.


  • High, 1500-degree Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Cooks anything and everything 
  • Packaging includes a drip tray
  • Partially assembled
  • Convenient to maintain
  • Easy to clean 
  • Quick to light and set up 


  • Price: grill is costly 
  • Some individuals demand a larger size of the model


Admittedly, paying $1200 to buy a grill is a lot of money, but if you are passionate and enthusiastic about grilling, the Otto grill must be your one-stop shop for grilling in your backyard. Rest assured, the appliance is bound to transform your entire grilling experience and dynamics. 

In theory, setting up the grill and its operation seems very straightforward. Although it is not complicated or challenging in practicality, a commercial-grade hood is required to deal with the grease and smoke omitted from an almost commercial-grade broiler. 

Another selling point of the Otto grill is that its usage is not limited; the appliance can effortlessly cook your steak and can also be used as a pizza stove. This is something that most grills lack, but the company has organized the grill such that its uses are not limited.

Last but not least, if you have been using propane or charcoal-sourced grills for some time now, you would know how they only last a few years. These $200-$300 are not last, but the Otto grill is durable and has a two-year warranty for all its parts, ensuring that it can be replaced and renewed if one of the grill’s components fails. 

While ordering the Otto grill, you can also order a weatherproof cover to be shielded and protected against harsh weather conditions when placed in the backyard. 

The weatherproof cover is a preventative measure that can further enhance the Otto grill’s durability and is ideal for regular use over the appliance!


Now that you have learned about the Otto Grill review, concluding a decision should be easy for you. The pros and cons of the appliance are apparent, and the noticeable trend here is that the pros outweigh the cons. So, if you are willing to pay for the Otto grill, there is no other well-suited option for a grill alternative to the one we proposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Otto Grill made?

Otto grills are composed and manufactured in Germany.

Can you use the Otto Wilde grill indoors?

No, the ideal use of an Otto Wilde grill is only outdoors and not indoors.

For how long should the Otto grill be pre-heated?

Typically, the pre-heating time required for an Otto grill is 3 to 5 minutes. It might take less depending on the temperature you are pre-heating at, but never more than five minutes.

Does Otto Grill have a warranty?

Otto grills come with a two-year warranty on all their parts.