Is Peach Wood Good For Smoking?- Final Verdict

Peach wood is one kind of beautifully smoking hardwood with a sweet, distinct flavor paired rather perfectly with a variety such as glazed ham, smoked salmon, and poultry. But still, what does it indicate concerning whether is peach wood good for smoking?

Every meal smoked in a smoker containing peach wood will naturally inherit its sweet flavors that are accompanied by the smokiness of the cooking procedure, combining together and smoking a delicious meal for you to devour in the end. 

However, if you are wondering whether is peach wood good for smoking and how it differs from other kinds of fruit-smoking woods, then wonder no more. Luckily, today’s article will discuss these questions to formulate a final verdict for is peach wood good for smoking.

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Is Peach Wood Good For Smoking?

Peach wood, originating from a peach tree is hardwood and has been placed specifically in that wood category which has been ruled out to be safe for use in smoking or cooking. In contrast, other woods like fir and cedar do not qualify as safe woods for smoking because they contain resins that release toxic fumes when burned. 

Nevertheless, peach wood is a perfectly good and, most importantly, safe wood. Considerably, many readers might have heard the common and typical rumor about peach wood not being safe and unsuitable for smoking as it has toxins. 

The rumor is true for apricots and peach pits, but it is not true for peach wood. The peach tree pits include a toxin compound, the poisonous cyanogenic glycoside, but only when ingested.

Therefore, the myth is falsified because the pits do not make up the part of the peach wood and are confined merely to the peach tree. Even if you are bothered about the safety of consuming peaches directly from the peach tree, you have no reason to worry. 

Likewise, peach wood is safe, and the smoke released from the woods will not pass any toxins into your wood. The coals, the smoke, and the resulting ash are toxicity-free. 

Smoking With Peach Wood 

Peach wood extracted from a peach tree was initially native to China but has now progressed to be widespread and found worldwide. Despite originating from a fruit tree, peach wood is surprisingly strong and acquires a moderate hardness. 

The hardness of the wood makes it durable enough to go and last in the smoker, but compared to oak and walnut woods, the wood is not as hard as the others. 

Smoking with peach wood is recommended, especially for poultry like turkey and chicken. Since poultry has a mild flavor, peach wood’s sweetened imparted flavor will not mask the original flavor of the chicken, unlike woods such as hickory

Additionally, the wood will work well with any cut of meat, whether it be bitter, larger, or gamey venison, because, once again, the peach wood’s sweetened flavor will get to the job of balancing out and countering the bitterness of the meat. 

Peach wood is a versatile tool once it has been sourced because it can accommodate different kinds and cuts of meat and can also be conveniently mixed with other kinds of wooden chips for a pit master to come up with his personalized smoking experience. 

How To Use Peach Wood For Smoking

The answer to how to use peach wood for smoking is determined by the form of the wood that tends to be the best and most ideal format for your smoker. Per the demands of your smoker, you can cut out the incredibly versatile peach wood in chunks or pellets, split it from a long, or use it simply as wooden chips.

However, before you rush to put the wood into your smoker, remember peach wood needs to be cured! Wood purchased directly from the store needs not to be cured, but if you are independently chopping up some logs from a peach tree, that is a problem, and the logs would have to be cured. 

Curing of the peach wood here refers to the need to dry and let it age, at least for a few months, before chunking it into your smoker immediately. 

Peach wood is effortless to use. Let’s say you are a beginning pit master and do not want to overwhelm the food with much smoke. Peach wood is the best option; its forgiving mildness and sweetened flavor ensure you smoke the food very nicely. If needed, mix peach wood with woods like hickory, which are stronger and will appropriately balance your food’s flavor. 

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As peach wood is very rare and quite expensive, there is a likely chance for you not to find them readily available in the stores, and then your best bet would be to ask for local vendors or producers to source the wood from. 

Advantages Of Peach Wood Over Other Smoking Woods

Why would you choose peach wood when there are so many multiple alternatives, much more easily available to you in the market? This is because there are certain advantages that peach wood has over other smoking woods that make it worth paying the extra dollars. 


Versatility is a commendable aspect of the peach wood. Only some hardwoods can smoke poultry and meat of any size. But this is the ease offered to you by peach wood. Once purchased, it can be repeatedly used to smoke different and many kinds of food items. 

Unique Flavor

If you have ever eaten a perfectly ripe peach, you might be familiar with its taste and smell. The same taste, without any differences, exists in the lovely peach wood and is further imparted to the food smoked through it. Rest assured, peach wood smells heavenly when set ablaze. 


Compared to other woods like walnut or oak, peach wood may not be as hard as you may expect, but peach wood’s moderate hardness does not take a toll on its durability. 

Peach wood takes the lead against all the other fruit woods regarding durability and is guaranteed to last longer. 

Burning Time

Yet another advantage of peach wood is its burning time. The wood will burn for an extended period and produce a steady smoke. The release of a steady and continuous stream of smoke is a wood quality that all pit masters appreciate; therefore, this is also why peach wood is preferred for beginner-level smokers. 

Moreover, do not worry about the long smoking time resulting in making your smoked meat bitter or acrid in taste because the fairly mild smoke flavor has long-term smoking applications, guaranteeing not to over-flavor the food. 

Regardless, a factor that can enhance the flavor of the food and make it more intense is the amount of peach wood used in the smoker. The more the peach wood, the stronger the taste of the food. 

Convenient To Mix Up 

Peach wood is a wood that stands to be compatible with other kinds of wood. Its sweetened natural flavor ensures to counter the bitter and strong smoke of woods like hickory, and together, both can be combined to produce a meal that has a rich taste. 

Alternatively, if you want to amplify the sweetness in the food, pair peach wood with a pear or apple wood that has crispier notes and will successfully add to the already very sweet flavor.


After reading this article, you should no longer be questioning- is peach wood good for smoking. Not only is the wood good, but it is also versatile and safe, accompanied by numerous advantages that are only distinct to peach wood.

The only problem you may encounter with peach wood is sourcing it because it is rare to find and, when found, expensive to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is peach wood for smokers?

Yes, peach wood is an excellent wood for smokers as it is versatile and can smoke various food items exactly in the way you desire.

What is peach wood used for?

Aside from making furniture, peach wood is used for smoking turkey, chicken, and meat.

What is the level of hardness of the peach wood?

Peach wood is moderately hard; compared to walnut and oak wood, this wood is not very hard.

Does peach wood last for long in the smoker?

Yes, peach wood lasts in the smoker for a long time because it burns slowly and gradually, producing a steady smoke that is even and smokes the food evenly.