Is Bradley Smokers Going Out Of Business- Is It True?

Since the company’s establishment in the 70s, Bradley Smoker’s mission has been to bring the best-smoked food to their customers’ tables. But lately, there have been conspiracies surrounding Bradley being missing in action. Is it true, is Bradley smokers going out of business?

Undoubtedly, the company has been successful in its vision of being the one-stop shop for everyone who wants to buy a smoker. Here, the beautiful taste of smoked food can be discovered without doing the work of a normal smoker. Bradley’s website, especially, features a wide selection of varying products.

These begin from their star product- Bradley classic smokers, and range to automatic feed bisquettes, smoker accessories, parts, seasonings, apparel, gift cards, and recipes. With so much that has to be offered, do the rumors- is Bradley Smoker going out of business, hold any ground? 

Is Bradley Smokers Going Out Of Business

The hearsay about Bradley Smokers going out of business started when customers initially could not contact the company after making repeated efforts several times. On a Bradley discussion forum, it was posted by many users that their website’s contact page and their Facebook page other social media are inactive, and no one is responding to it, striking the assumption that the company has stopped operating.

Many users also reported being unable to access Bradley’s North American web page, which either showed a loading error or claimed to have not been found. However, the ambiguity regarding is Bradley smokers going out of business was soon resolved when other forum users started posting to have encountered no problems with the webpage. 

Also, the staff have been responding to phone calls, and as usual, have been helpful and courteous in assisting the customers. Therefore, considering the situation, it can be seen that Bradley smokers are not out of business and are fully functional. 

Rather, the Bradley going missing in action could be a technical error on their websites. Fortunately, Bradley Smoker is still in action and has been, as usual, dominating the smoker’s market with its outstanding quality smokers!

What Is Bradley Smokers?

If you are relatively new to the world of smoking and are still getting yourself affiliated with the market of smokers, the one name you should remember is- Bradley Smokers.

The company has now been around for quite some time. Still, they have been keen on innovating and trying out the newest technology, including it in their smokers to deliver the best taste. Bradley offers simplicity, unmatched quality, and consistency with their smokers, which are durable. 

Every product manufactured by Bradley has been designed to give users the best-tasting food, which does not require constant monitoring. They pride themselves in bringing the highest quality and the purest smoke to smoke every food item you can think of.

“We are not the first, and we won’t be the last, but we are definitely the best”- Bradley smokers. 

Bradley Bisquettes

bradly bisquettes

Apart from the smokers, Bradley is famous for another commodity: their bisquettes. Any bisquettes you purchase from Bradley will impart a delicious flavor and smoke to your food, and the best part about them is that they have been composed of natural fruit and hardwoods without any chemicals or other harmful additives.

As a result, you get to smoke your food in a Bradley smoker, aided by Bradley bisquettes that produce clean smoke, giving the meat a smoky flavor. As the bisquettes are available in different flavors, you can choose your desired flavor depending on your taste. 

Why use bisquettes from Bradley?

There are many top reasons why customers prefer and love purchasing Bradley bisquettes for use, and they are the following:- 

flavor on bisquettes

  • With Bradley bisquettes, you enjoy a range of flavors that you can potentially experiment with when smoking meat. Alternatively, if one has a specific preference, then per that preference, they can select the flavor of the wood such as almond and oak, they like. 
  • These bisquettes produce clean smoke, free of degrading components, as no chemical substances are used during production. 
  • Bradley bisquettes, due to their compact size, are easy to store because they are stackable and do not need ample storage space. Similarly, this precise characteristic of the bisquettes makes them easy to transport, and you can buy as many bisquettes as you want without worrying about the space they’d take up or their portability. 
  • The most significant quality of the bisquettes is their burn time. Bisquettes burn for an extended span whereby the burn time is consistent, and controlling or maintaining temperature is easy, due to which only a few of them are demanded for a smoking session. Thus, with such a consistent burning and only a handful of bisquettes needed for burning, the costs and the smoking time are greatly reduced for a smoker

Best Bradley Smokers

Many qualities make Bradley smokers stand out amongst the majority in the market that are readily available. But the specific ones are the quality of the smoker, its ability to impart clean yet flavored smoke with the use of Bradley bisquettes, and the capacity of the smoker to offer maximized control to the user over regulating temperature.

The four best Bradley smokers of all time that have been shopped for the most frequently are:

P10 Smoker

Bradley’s Hottest Smoker! With 4 Racks

P10 smoker is one of Bradley’s hottest-selling smokers and is perfect for food-smoking fans and professional chefs. The smoker features four racks, which can be transformed and expanded to deliver the convenience of five through purchasing the p10’s extra smoker rack, which is sold separately.

Along with this, the smoker can smoke for up to 10 hours non-stop and does not need a bisquettes refill. The 76L stainless steel body design keeps the smoker completely insulated. Through the dual temperature probes, you can measure the external and internal temperature of the smoked food at any time. 

With improved temperature accuracy and fully automatic bisquettes burning, you can choose the temperature, time, and amount of smoke and leave the food smoking without monitoring the smoker continuously. 

Smart cooking of the P10 allows users to cook up to fifty of their favorite recipes exclusively. All you have to do here is play around with the smoke temperature and keep switching with the flavored bisquettes burner so the smoked food with different recipes does not taste alike, but every food item imparts a unique taste. 

Digital Smoker


Bradley Digital Smoker picked up on what the original smoker missed out on. With the introduction of new technology, this smoker has been refined to ease the smoking experience of a user further. 

Say no more to checking on the wood to control temperature (via meat thermometer) and smoke; as with the Bradley digital food smoker, smoking has been made simpler than ever, and the smoker can smoke for up to 9 hours without having to refill. 

Moreover, you have complete authority over the temperature, the smoke, and the cooking time, which can all be initiated and stopped by a button. 

Original Smoker


Original Bradley Smoker has been an all-time favorite of the customers. It offers a maximum temperature of 280°F with a door thermometer and four additional removable racks for support. 

The smoker’s interior has been constructed of stainless steel and is polished in detail to keep the smoker insulated and warm throughout the smoking session. With this smoker, you can forget all about refilling wood for the smoking of the food to happen, as the wood lasts throughout the prolonged smoke time of 9 hours. 

Even if you do not keep an eye out for checking the temperature of the smoker or do not regulate the temperature, food smoking will still happen, and rest assured; the wood will never burn down to ashes.

Above all, the smoker will produce a delectable smoked food with its pure and consistent smoke to which a flavor could be added by choosing any of the multiple flavored bisquettes. 

In case you ever detect a fault in the smoker, use the 1-year warranty that the smoker comes with and get the faulty part immediately replaced.


Now that you know that all the rumors regarding is Bradley Smokers going out of business were just circumstantial rumors, you have nothing to be bothered about anymore. You can continue shopping for your favorite smokers or the long-lasting bisquettes burner from Bradley Smoker and have a spectacular food-smoking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bradley smokers made in the USA?

No, Bradley smokers are composed in Canada and imported to other countries. The company, Bradley Smoker, is based in Canada, and their products are manufactured in China.

Who is the owner of Bradley Smoker?

The current president of Bradley Smoker is Wade Bradley.

Is Bradley a good smoker?

Bradley smokers are good and the best ones to get your hands on. Every smoker the company has ever manufactured is either a refined version of its previous model or a model designed to feature the latest technological trends.

Why is my Bradley Smoker not working?

Bradley smoker may not be working because the plugs may have been loosely or inaccurately connected in the socket, or the fuse of the smoker or the ground fault circuit interrupter might have tripped. If you cannot figure out the issue, contact Bradley Smoker and use their customer service.